Core Description:

Colorado Craft Distributors is a beer, cider, spirits and mead wholesaler that specializes in sales, warehousing and delivery of small independently owned and operated companies. Our goal is to have a diversified portfolio of brands from Colorado, as well as highly accoladed small breweries, wineries and distilleries from around the country that are seeking representation in Colorado.  

We strive to have every customer that we come in contact with, feel impressed and excited to represent our products in their store, bar or restaurant. Along with our diversified portfolio of outstanding products, our focus is to strive to ensure that all accounts we call on, are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.     

We're following a business model from our sister network in New England.  We worked together with them 10 years ago and are excited to reconnect on this new adventure. We'll expand on the concept that they've successfully developed for the past 3 years.  We know we'll carry on their standards on business practices and are confident this endeavor of a non biased distributor will work here in Colorado. 

Our Team:

In 2008, Tom Jasko moved to Colorado and landed a position as Regional Sales Manager with one of the most respected, specialty beer importers in the world.  For the previous 5 years, he was employed with the largest craft beer distributor in New York.  Jasko held many positions within that distributor and became well rounded on how a successful wholesaler operates.  He's excited to bring what he's learned about this industry to a new adventure in a state that demands quality products and service.

Christopher McGraw has worked in the craft beer industry since 1993.  He's brewed beer and traveled around the country with a major brewpub chain, owned and operated restaurants and was the beer specialist at one of the largest liquor stores in Colorado.  Christopher brings his passion and hard work ethic to this adventure and he and Jasko believe they have a solid understanding of all aspects of this awesome industry.  

Jasko and Christopher are family men and are proud to launch this independently owned and operated distributor. We want to grow together with our partners!